Aaron Polburn Joins the Team at Dragway 42

Aaron PolburnBREAKING NEWS! Dragway 42 has hired Aaron Polburn in a consulting role to work with the track in doing stuff like building the schedule, event planning, support system coordination, and a host of other things. He’s named the position, “Consultant of Stuff” and we think that the title is dead nuts accurate. For those of you who have short memories, you’ll remember that Aaron was the leader of the IHRA for many years and recently stepped away from the job.

Aaron has an awesome history with Dragway 42 as he started working there in 1972 as an announcer after getting his start at Thompson Dragway. He actually worked at both tracks and ran a taxi service to pay his bills during his studies at the University of Ohio. The humble beginnings at these two Ohio strips led him into a career that morphed into track management and ultimately sanctioning body leadership. Aaron shepherded the IHRA through the most troubling financial times of our generation and made bold and sometimes controversial decisions to maintain the health of the organization. That being said, no one in the world of drag racing has ever questioned his creativity and flair for the dramatic and cool. We all here at Dragway 42 are very happy to welcome Aaron back “home”. We’re not sure of another drag racing leader who has had Aaron’s breadth of experience taking a role at a local track to help it rise back to shades of its former glory. For anyone who thought that owner Ron Matcham and his team at Dragway 42 were going to be half-assing the revival of the facility you seriously need to think again. We’re excited to see what Aaron puts together for a schedule and what ideas and outside the box concepts he’s able to dream up and work on developing.

That’s the smiley, glowing, love-fest part but here’s the reality part.

There is a TON of work left to do at the track, which is being constantly pummeled by a vicious Ohio winter. There are buildings to build, a track to repave, land to be leveled, cleared, and landscaped, events to coordinate, a schedule to draw up, and lots of fans/racers to win back after years of decline at the facility.

Stay tuned for more news on how things are progressing at the new Dragway 42 along with more renovation pictures in the coming weeks. Welcome aboard Aaron!