An Aaron Polburn Open Letter to the Racers, Fans and Friends of Dragway 42

I am writing this with two songs blaring out the Bose. The first one is Home by Daughtry. The appropriate lyrics are:

“I’m coming home. Back to the place where I belong.”

First of all let me say thanks for all the emails, phone calls and kind words. It is very humbling. Secondly I thought it best to do a little FAQ before things got out of control and who better to interview me than me?

WHY DID YOU TAKE THIS JOB? This thing we call Drag Racing Entertainment has been very good to me. Most of what I learned came from Dragway 42 and Thompson Drag Raceway. When I met with Joe Gambino and Ron Matcham and saw their passion and desire to do things right I knew I wanted to be a part of something that I believe will be very special.

WILL YOU BE AT THE TRACK? As much as possible. As most of you know I have this little Parkinson’s irritation and one of the reasons I had to step down from being President of IHRA was the fatigue factor among the other joys having PD brings. Don’t get me wrong I am doing amazingly well but having Dragway 42 located 11.9 miles from my home is a blessing. And if I just curl up for a nap behind the starting line please be kind enough to drive around me.

WHAT WILL YOUR DUTIES BE? As my title of Consultant of Stuff indicates my duties will be a moving target. I have a huge file of stupid things I have done and minuscule file on the smart things. My job is to dig into those files so Ron and Joe don’t have to make the same mistakes. My most important job will be to help make racing fun and raise the level of customer service. I want to help create an attitude where our racers, fans and friends are proud to be associated with the Dragway 42 brand. I want to help foster a Wolf pack mentality where no one is above or below. The pack is always stronger than the individual. We are in this together.

WHAT IS YOUR BIGGEST FEAR? Overblown expectations. Ron, Joe and the team are committed to build something special. Everyone is so far over their skis with expectation that I fear that reason has already escaped. Everyone needs to take a deep breath. Mind you this is not a makeover. This is bringing a body back from the dead. All I can tell you is that it will be right and Dragway 42 will be something you will all be proud of.

WHEN WILL WE SEE A SCHEDULE AND RACER PROGRAM? The goal is to have it to you in the next 15-20 days. The Summit Super Series will be on Sunday with grudge racing and test and tune on Wednesday. Special events will take place on Saturdays. Obviously everything is predicated on how many good construction days are available over the next four months.

I’ll leave you with the second music selection…..Home by Philip Philips. The lyrics go:

“Just know you’re not alone. Cause I (we’re) going to make this place your home.”