An Open Letter From Ron Matcham

We hope that everyone had a Happy Holiday and wish nothing but the best for all of you as we head into the New Year. With the holidays come family, friends, over eating, busy schedules and of course those dreaded New Year’s resolutions. Whether it is losing a few pounds, being more active, making more time for family and friends, making your race car a little faster or working on your skills to help your racing program into the 2016 season there is one thing that we all need to turn these resolutions into reality and that is dedication. There are going to be ups and downs, set backs, frustrations and unforeseen circumstances that will happen but we must remain dedicated. Just like those of you that have made your resolutions and work to achieve your goal, we too are continuing to be dedicated in achieving our goal opening the gates and welcoming all of the Dragway 42 family back home. Whether you were a Dragway 42 regular, an occasional Dragway 42 racer or are coming for your 1st experience at Dragway 42, we remain dedicated to opening our gates for you.

When this endeavor began we set our goal high because we wanted to deliver to the racers and the fans a top notch facility. When it was realized in the 1st year that the project was going to take the unexpected extra time we were disappointed but we remained dedicated to our goal. As we turned to 2015 we continued to ride high on the excitement of getting the facility open. We knew what the end result was going to be and realized that we had a massive amount of work ahead of us to reach that goal. We knew that the bar was high and felt that this was truly an achievable goal. We wanted to race and 2015 was going to be our year. Like mentioned before, with any resolution come the ups and downs, the set backs, the unforeseen and of course, the frustrations.

As the summer moved along and we took steps forward, it was little things that put us steps behind. The ups and downs with the weather, the unforeseen circumstances surrounding the installation of the bleachers and the frustration of not seeing the track surface and pit areas coming together. As we knew that we were not going to achieve the 2015 goal, we were not going to lower the bar either and we refused to let these challenges break our dedication to achieving our goal. Often at times we sat at the table and would ask “What next?” or “Does this only happen to us?”. Then we remembered our friends at GALOT Motorsports Park. They too were going thru the challenges we were facing with a major renovation of their facility. We realized that we weren’t the only ones left scratching our heads at the end of some days. Watching GALOT Motorsports Park come together helped to keep the positive energy flowing on days it would have been easier to just go home and not put in extra hours. Dedication. We too had to remain dedicated at overcoming our challenges and push forward to reach our goal for 2016.

Here we are, 2016 is upon us. The excitement of opening the gates is at an all time high as we realize that we start 2016 so much closer to our goal than we did to start 2015. I know the questions of 2015 were why things didn’t progress a little faster or why weren’t certain things done when they could have been made to work. It’s like getting ready to run a round of elimination. We put a plan together, we run scenarios over and over in our head, study our competitor and then we head to the waterbox ready to go. We stage with precision knowing we are set up to be .000 on the tree and have a number on the car that will be dead-on. We have put together a game plan that increases our percentages of winning and reduces our risks of heading to the buy back window or loading up the trailer. We light the bulbs ready to execute the plan with confidence the win light will be on in our lane. It is this same approach we have followed thru each phase of the renovation and construction. What we wanted to do was increase the odds of everything being done right the 1st time and not having to head to the buy back window to try again because we made a mistake that decreased our odds of achieving our goal.

Here we sit, in the beams knowing that our win light is at the end of the track and ready to come on. That light will be big and bright. It will be a win that everyone gets to celebrate. It is the win that we share with you, the Dragway 42 family. You have been here for the ride. You have been along with us with the ups and downs. You have shared the frustration with us. You have been there with us as we took on each challenge. You have remained dedicated with us. As we pull the belts tight, check the gauges and bump into the lights, we are ready to put the pedal down and light the win light that is Dragway 42.

Thank you all for your continued support and positive energy. Thank you all for being in the seat with Dragway 42 as we head down the track working for our win light. May 2016 bring you all nothing but the best.

Ron Matcham
Owner Dragway 42