An Update for Racers and Fans on the Progress at Dragway 42

ConstructionAn open letter to all Racers and fans from Ron Matcham, Joe Gambino and Aaron Polburn

Good afternoon to all of our loyal Dragway 42 friends, racers and fans. In the interest of being as transparent as possible, as we go forward with the renovation of Dragway 42 we wanted to update everyone with the information we can provide now as well as address some issues raised by you, the customer.

First we will start by addressing the track. McConnell Excavating will be performing the work on the racing surface and are ready to move as soon as Mother Nature will allow. The track will be entirely concrete along with the shut down and guard rails.

Now for the question that everyone has been asking about, the schedule. Currently we are planning on racing Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday. Wednesday would be Test and Tune, Grudge Racing and Bracket Racing. Saturday would be comprised of Test and Tune, Special Events, and Bracket and Index racing. Sunday will remain the designated day for the IHRA Summit Super Series. This is our tentative schedule, and may continue to evolve as we get closer to the season. The 2014 Dragway 42 schedule will be released very soon, and will be available for pick up beginning at the Piston Powered Auto Rama March 14-16. As always, we will make sure that all media and social media outlets at our disposal will constantly be updated.

One item that was asked about at the recent swap meet that we attended was the pit area. Dragway 42 has had a less than desirable reputation for its pit area for years, and that is an area that we are committed to improving. The trees and grass will be remaining mostly intact, with some other improvements also to come.

Ron, Aaron, I and the rest of the Dragway 42 team are extremely committed to recreating this historic facility with the intent to open and race this summer. We do not want to rush, or give anyone false hope with this project and sacrifice anyone’s safety, time or money. We are committed to giving you, the customer, the best possible facility for 2014 and beyond.


Thank You for your patience,

Joe Gambino

General Manager – Dragway 42