General Information

Couple of housekeeping items we would like to address after our first month being open and before our first IHRA Summit Super Series points race next Saturday (6/24).


  • Any instance of tire smoke at the finish line will result in immediate disqualification without warning.
  • No changing of dial in once you pass the yellow line at the front of staging and head to the burnout box to make your run.
  • All cars running 9.99 in the 1/4 mile or 6.40 in the 1/8th must have an engine diaper or catch pan as per IHRA rules.
  • Absolutely no power braking on the starting line (no burnouts on the starting line).
  • All diesel trucks must have an up pipe on exit exhaust.
  • All IHRA mandated safety rules will be enforced by Dragway 42 tech officials and you will not be allowed to run if you do not meet all of those requirements.


Just a reminder, you do not have to join points to be able to race at Dragway 42 at Saturday points races throughout the 2017 season.


Link to sign up for points can be found here.


You must be an IHRA member and have an “X” number to run Dragway 42 points.