Thoughts on the 4th of July

by Aaron Polburn

What an incredible country we live in. Amidst all the negative press on anything to do with our government, we have somehow found a way to roll up our shirt sleeves, attack the issues on a personal level, and forge ahead. A perfect example is a guy named Ron Matcham. Ron is the guy who is personally resurrecting Dragway 42 in Ohio.

Ron has been told a thousand times why he couldn’t do this or couldn’t do that. When the track didn’t open in 2014 he took a blistering beating on the various drag racing social media sites. But Ron would never give up. Fast forward to today and Dragway 42 is nearing completion and the facility is world class. When I met Ron I immediately nicknamed him “Wild Card” because he was. That was with the exception of one incredible trait. If Ron said it, Ron did it. Some of his methods may have been unorthodox but you could count on him. He was a man of his word. What a concept. So, despite the roadblocks that got thrown his way, Ron proved that in America dreams can become reality… even if you are a Wild Card.