Update: May 21, 2014

Update…..We were at the track today and found around 9” of mud. We are not going to move any dirt/mud before the land is dried out. We are ready, we have no issues like people are saying, we have all the permit’s, no oil line issues, no EPA issues, no electrical issues, we are not annexed into the Village as people are saying, we have nothing but mother nature issues. All the surveying has been done, there are GPS coordinates all over the property, we have water and sewer lines ready to tap, we have the timing system on order for installation the first part of July. We are NOT going to dig and shape the land until the weather cooperates. We are as anxious as anyone to move forward but we are not spending hundreds of thousands of dollars just to redo it. We will do it right from the start. There are so many rumors going around that are NOT true. Please understand we will build this track but anyone with any common sense should understand we are at the mercy of the weather at this time. For all the people that are demanding completion of the track put yourself in our shoes and decide if you would go forward with something that you know will have to be redone. For all the people that are saying they will go somewhere else to race because Dragway 42 is not done all we can say is that’s up to you but we would hope you would reconsider. We are tired of getting bashed on sites because of the weather and things that are out of our control. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

-Dragway 42 Management