What you have all been waiting for….Track Designs and Drawings

Well here’s what you’ve all been asking for, and ending all the speculation and rumors you have heard. The track will be 4000 foot long from start to finish, ALL concrete with a 200 foot sand trap at the end. In order to make the track longer, we have acquired additional property behind the starting line and to the west of the track to do so. The track has been angled 10 degrees from the finish line and the new track will basically run through where the old pits were at which you can better see by taking a look at the engineers drawing. The track will be water cooled from the starting line, all the way to the 330 foot mark just like at other state of the art tracks throughout the country. The track will be going 16 feet down into the ground which will create amphitheater style seating on both sides of the track. The legendary “crossover” will be recreated and a three story tower that will include both a media center with suites and the timing system facilities will sit atop the crossover which will be located right behind and above the starting line. Hope this and the pictures answer some of the questions that you have had or have heard. Be sure to check out all of the pictures to get a better idea of what the new track will look like. Our “soft launch” target date for the grand opening is the weekend of July 12th 2014 but that all depends on the weather (as you all know, mother nature hasn’t been very nice to those of us in Northeast Ohio lately) and construction time-frames. Be sure to keep watching the website and Facebook for updates.